Tuesday, June 9, 2015



hey guys! it takes 6 months for me to update my blog isn't? haha, well i'm now a busy woman.

what up? i'm quite busy now. there's a lot of things that i've to catch up with. assignments, project, homework, and my other stuff. so due to my 'busy-ness' here are some websites that i've been following during my hard time - to release stress or to solve any probs;

7 cups of tea - it'a a free online therapy + u can help people too.
Free rice - donate to the hungry while keepin' yo mind fresh.
Math way - get answers to math problems.
10 minute mail - temporary email address to sign up for sites.
Good reads - book reviews, recommendations & u can also build a discussion group (for a nerd like me, i would love to)
Zalora - they sells apparel, accessories, shoes and beauty products for women and men & free delivery above rm75!
Mudah - buy and sell basically everything at suitable prices!
Go shop - mostly product yg depa jual was from korea, china & japan. they only concerned for quality and effectiveness. customer first!
Thrift books - cheap books, need i say more?
Read any books - also some free books.

ok that's all for now. may it helps! wassalam.

love, dyfz.