Tuesday, March 1, 2016

be yourself.


first of all, this is a random post. so, if theres any parties that offended with my words — i already told ya, it's random.

have to say that we(girls) have that tendency to have a perfect life. i know. we tend to have a perfect body, a perfect skin and mrs. perfect it all. like how people nowadays labelled perfection as body goals, skin goals and segala goals. yes, i'm included in that categories too(just so u know).

i was so obsessed to have a nice body and a skin with no flaws(if that possible). i was so obsessed to have them until i forgot to accept my own self. i forgot to treat my inner self well bcos i'm too obsessed to fix my outer skin. i'm soo pissed off with myself rn. i was deceived by social media, i get insecured when i look at a girl with a good skin, a girl with no flaws, a girl with nice body. my head said "u must have that body too" my heart said "u need to have that skin too" my nafs said "u r not pretty enough, u need to be more beautiful" there's like a tiny little voice that told me to have more that what others have. u know what i mean right? but u know what... don't trust what u see here because it's a fake world, we only show the good side of us.

i didn't realize what has happened to myself until my mom reprimand me. "my dear, u r so obsessed to have a good skin, u went on extreme diet, u already lose 6kg! u use all sort of products on ur face. if theres a pimple on ur face u'll act like this world will come to an end. it's just, pimples. u r not grateful of what u've now. u know that's not good right? don't be too obsessed until u forgot to think what's good and what's not. u learnt that moderation is better. but think, what u r doing now is...?" and i was like "no, mom. i just want to be comfortable with myself that's all. i'm not comfortable if there's flaws on my face, visible fat and all. i won't sit back and relax with that" but my mom just smiled and walked away.

and now, after i've think about what my mom told me, i'm now... realize. what i did was wrong. yes, it's good to be comfortable with your own skin, in your own body. but this is not comfortable ady, this is called ungrateful!
yeah, mom's right. moderation is better.
as u know, the more guys look at u, the more u get sin. yeah, you get sin. bcos u make them to look at u. oh tell me, whoever won't look at a girl with a full package face with a next top model's body? atst it's invite to 'zina mata'...
The Prophet s.a.w. said “if the slave sins a black dot is formed on his heart, but if he repents, leaves the sinning, and seek forgiveness from Allah then Allah will forgive him. but if he continues to sin and the black dot will grow till it covers all of his heart. till the blackness covers all of us heart. this the covering Allah speaks in the Qur’an."

if we, girls primp to look gorgeous to went out everyday, and guys look at us from top to toe and was fascinated by our beauty everyday, we'll both get sin everyday. fair enough? that explained what The Prophet s.a.w already state. pity us, pity guys. pity pity. so, it's clear now right?

last but not least, stop sighing. stop complaining that u don't have what others have. just, be humble. be yourself. remember, moderation is better! afterall ur beauty is worth only for ur husband. oh, just saying haha.

that's it. my lil confession for today.

love, dyfz.

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